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In the early months of 1966, a handsome, hardworking thirty-five-year-old Canadian-born actor named William Shatner was cast as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, a troubled, low-budget science-fiction television series set to premiere that fall on NBC. Star Trek struggled for viewers and lasted only three seasons, but it found a huge, rabidly dedicated audience when it premiered in syndication following its cancellation—turning Shatner into a pop-culture icon and launching him on a career path he never could have imagined after graduating from McGill University with an economics degree twenty years earlier. As he approaches his ninetieth year, he’s still working at a furious pace as a man of boundless contradictions: by turns one of the most dissected, disliked, revered, respected, mocked, imitated, and beloved stars in the show business firmament. 

Shatner takes a comprehensive look at this singular performer, using archival sources and information culled from interviews with friends and colleagues to transport readers through William Shatner’s remarkably bumpy career: his spectacular failures and triumphs; tragedies, including the shocking death of his third wife, Nerine; and, ultimately, the resilience Shatner has shown, time and again, in the face of overwhelming odds. Author Michael Seth Starr unravels the mystery of William Shatner, stripping away the many myths associated with his personal life and his relationships with fellow actors, presenting a no-holds-barred, unvarnished look at the unique career of an inimitable performer.

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Ringo: With a Little Help, is the first in-depth biography of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who kept the beat for an entire generation and who remains a rock icon over fifty years since the Beatles took the world by storm. With a Little Help traces the entire arc of Ringos remarkable life and career, from his sickly childhood to his life as The Worlds Most Famous drummer to his triumphs, addictions, and emotional battles following the breakup of the Beatles as he comes to terms with his legacy. Born in 1940 as Richard Starkey in The Dingle, one of Liverpools most gritty, rough-and-tumble neighborhoods, he rose from a hardscrabble childhoodmarked by serious illnesses, long hospital stays, and little schoolingto emerge, against all odds, as a locally renowned drummer. Taking the stage name Ringo Starr, his big break with the Beatles rocketed him to the pinnacle of worldwide acclaim in a remarkably short time. He was the last member of the Beatles to join the group but also the most vulnerable, and his post-Beatles career was marked by chart-topping successes, a jet-setting life of excess and alcohol abuse, and, ultimately, his rebirth as one of rock's revered elder statesman.


Also available as an audio book narrated by Peter Berkrot

In this illuminating and comprehensive biography of Richard ''Ringo Starr'' Starkey, New York Post TV editor Starr delves into every aspect of the life of one of the 20th century's most famous drummers. Beatles fans may come away disappointed at the lack of truly new material regarding Ringo's tenure with the band, much of which is culled from the Beatles Anthology documentary. That said, Starr successfully paints a complete portrait of the legendary drummer, whose contributions to rock 'n' roll, he argues, have largely been overshadowed by his iconic bandmates. With aplomb, Starr creates an intimate picture of Liverpool and Hamburg during the 1950s and '60s that puts the rest of Ringo's life (including his later battles with alcoholism and drug addiction) into fascinating perspective. Starr's prose is straightforward, at times stilted, but frequent eyewitness accounts and quotes from original interviews with Ringo's friends and family help him succeed in revealing the nuanced and passionate man who was the backbone of the Beatles. 

Publishers Weekly



''Ringo: With a Little Help'' is clearly the definitive biography of one of the most famous musicians - or,


heck, people - of the last century (though author Starr could not get subject Starr to participate). And,


while he did get help along the way, Richard Starkey richly deserves this solid literary treatment. 

-The Houston Chronicle


"The book's best section, though, examines Starr's life and music after the Fab Four's messy dissolution. Starr often was adrift professionally without the musical gifts of his three former bandmates who, as a credit to the drummer's geniality, were all happy to lend a hand on his solo records. He was adrift personally, too. A series of high-profile romances and a nonstop jet-set lifestyle provided ample opportunity to fall into severe alcoholism"

-The Houston Chronicle


Until Ringo pens his memoirs (if he ever does), this biography will serve as the most complete and up-to-date telling of his life story. 

-Library Journal Xpress Reviews, June 26, 2015


Extensive research and an injection of personality make this a definitive biography of the most underrated Beatle.

-Foreword Reviews


It's a solid recounting of Ringo's life and will be of interest to Beatles fans looking for more information on the least-chronicled member of the Fab Four.

-Booklist Online


"Starr brings up a great question that will at least make you think long and hard as it made me ponder: other than Paul McCartney, none of the Beatles were great musicians, yet Lennon's and Harrison's skills as guitarists are never questioned or criticized. Only Ringo's drumming seems to be fair game...why is this? It's interesting and provocative things like this, as well as the overall portrait of Ringo's life painted by Starr, that makes With a Little Help an essential read or any Beatles and/or Ringo fan."








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